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St. Francis Animal Hospital

St. Francis Animal HospitalDr. Shelton, Dr. Harris, and Erica Smith have formed St. Francis Animal Hospital, Inc.  St. Francis is a nonprofit veterinary clinic in Jacksonville with the ultimate goal of providing medical care for pets whose owners cannot afford it.

Saint Francis is a registered 501(c)3 non profit business.  Donations made to Saint Francis Animal Hospital are tax deductible.  Additional information on donations is available on the Saint Francis website.

SFAH is located on Dupont Avenue and currently provides low cost spay/neuter and low cost wellness care for pets, with additional services being added as funding increases.

If you are interested in helping and learning more about St. Francis Animal Hospital, please visit the link below or contact us at Wells Road Vet.

PS - Don't worry, Wells Road Vet isn't going anywhere!  St. Francis is just an additional and very important vision and calling for us!

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