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Existing clients may schedule an appointment for spay/neuter at any time.  If you are new to our clinic you must bring your pet in for a pre-surgical exam prior to scheduling your pets surgery.  Once you are a client, and we have given an exam to one of your pets, any additional pets needing spay/neuter will not require a pre-surgical exam unless medical conditions apply.

Surgery is scheduled by appointment only.  We typically book 2 to 4 weeks in advance for routine surgeries including spays, neuters, and declaws.  You may use our online scheduler to request a surgery appointment, and a receptionist will contact you via phone to confirm the date.

A $25 deposit is required at the time you make your appointment for these surgeries.  You may do this over the phone with a credit card, or you may stop by our office.  This deposit will go towards the payment for your pets surgery. Deposits are non-refundable for any reason. If you wish to schedule surgery for three or more pets on the same day, a deposit of the amount of the surgery for each pet will be required.

Wells Road Veterinary Medical Center

Schedules are subject to change, but typically we do all spays, neuters, and declaws on Tuesdays.  Pets need to be dropped of at our clinic the morning of surgery between the hours of 7:30am and 8:00am.  Pets undergoing surgery should not be fed anything after midnight the night before (water is ok to give).  The owner of the pet must sign a consent form for surgery at drop off, so allow yourself at least 10 minutes.  The signer of the consent must be at least 18 year of age (please do not send your children).

All spays and neuters include a physical exam, premedication, anesthesia, a pain relief injection, and a rabies vaccine.   All declaw procedures include premedication, anesthesia, local nerve blocks to numb the feet after surgery, a pain patch, and an overnight stay. All cat spays, cat declaws, dog neuters, and dogs spays include an iv catheter and iv fluids during surgery at no extra charge. Any other services requested are at additional charge.  Wells Road Veterinary Medical Center

All pets are checked in and examined first thing in the morning before that doctor starts surgery.  Once all animals are examined and order determined, the doctor will be in surgery until all surgeries for the day are complete.  Once your pet has been recovered from surgery a receptionist will call you to let you know.  She will also give you an estimated time as to when your pet may go home.  Same day surgeries will be discharged up until 6 pm.  Declaw surgeries or other surgeries staying overnight will go home the next day

If your pet requires dentistry or a non-routine surgery such as a growth removal, we do require that it be a patient here prior to scheduling the surgery.  Schedule your first visit.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
High rates of “no shows” and last minutes cancellations were leaving us with empty spaces that could not be filled at the last minute.  We felt that this was not fair to other clients who had been turned away when the schedule was full.  Deposits help ensure that appointments are allocated to clients who intend to keep them.

When do you have surgeries available?
Schedules are subject to change, but typically we do all spays and neuters on Tuesdays, and Declaws, Dentals, Growth Removals, and other surgeries on Fridays.  You may fill out the surgery appointment form at the end of this page to request your pet’s surgery.

How old does my pet have to be for surgery?
Routine spays and neuters are done as soon as your pet finishes their boosters, around 4 months old.  Declaws for kittens are done anytime after the kitten weighs 2 pounds.  Any other surgeries are subject to the doctor’s discretion. 

Will my pet have to spend the night?
Spays, neuters, and most other elective surgeries are discharged the day of the procedure.  Declaws are the exception, as they are kept overnight and discharged the following day.

Will my pet need a recheck or suture removal?
Most of the time we use liquid sutures which are dissolvable.  If your pet does have sutures that will need removed, you will be advised of this at pick up.  Spays, neuters, and declaws do not need to come back for a recheck unless you have questions or concerns.  If the doctor would like a recheck you will be advised of that at pick up.

How do I care for my pet after surgery?
Each pet having surgery here will be sent home with a form about home care.  It is standard that all surgery patients should not go swimming or have baths for about 10 days.  During this time there should be no running, jumping, or climbing.  Exercise should be restricted to leash walks only.  Each day, the incision should be checked for redness and swelling.  As you may expect some of this is normal, but anything significant including bleeding or drainage should be reported to the doctor.  Any recheck for these reasons is free of charge.

Will my pet be in pain afterwards?
We provide all surgical patients with some form of pain relief while here.  If you would like to take extra home with you please ask and we will be happy to fill a prescription for you.  If you get your pet home and feel as if your pet needs more pain relief you can call our office and we can fill some for you.  Each pet handles pain differently.  Some act as if nothing every happened, and others take it more personally.

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