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Pet's Name: Samo

Testimonial: Was going to give my dog Samo up cause the Vet bills was getting too high that is until I came to Veterinary Medical Center now he'll be here for many years to come.

Pet's Name: Princess

Testimonial: Great Place! Very passionate about pets and caring.

Pet's Name: Tyson

Testimonial: I love this vet <3

Pet's Name: Jovi

Testimonial: I just want you to know what a pleasant experience I had. You have an excellent idea with being able to make an appointment for your pet visit. In the past I would have to wait for hours to be seen. I mentioned the last time I went to another Clinic, which had been our Vet for the past 5 years. I called ahead and asked how busy they were, and they told me to come on in. Driving approx. 15 miles to get there (they were still open) they turned me away and said they were too busy to be able to clos

Pet's Name: Leo

Testimonial: Our schnauzer, Leo, loves the staff at Wells Road Vet. He says so!

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